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Administrative Services Manager Interview Questions

Top 5 administrative services manager interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates.

Administrative services managers are in charge of operations and employees within administrative departments and supervise the smooth operation of office administration. They ensure that organizational efficiency is maintained through the effective management of office-related duties, such as organizing supplies, document filing, and data capturing.

Interview Questions for Administrative Services Managers:

1. How do you ensure that your administrative team members aren't overworked?

Describes the candidate's management style and planning skills

2. What do you consider a good personality trait to have when working in administrative services?

Reveals the candidate's understanding of success and performance in administrative roles.

3. What factors do you consider when creating administrative schedules for employees?

Demonstrates the candidate's planning skills and ability to apply best practices for scheduling employees

4. How would you handle finding an employee doing work unrelated to the company?

Reveals the candidate's ability to resolve workplace issues and enforce policies.

5. What are your guiding principles when managing an administrative team?

Provides insight into the candidate's work experience and how they perceive their role.