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Assistant Controller Interview Questions

Top 5 assistant controller interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates.

Assistant controllers are responsible for the accountability of a company’s financial resources. They are involved in the implementation of control systems and ensuring strict compliance with regulations.

The most suitable candidate will demonstrate a solid working knowledge of relevant regulations and a commitment to accurate reporting. Be wary of candidates with poor attention to detail.

Interview Questions for Assistant Controllers:

1. Can you give an example of how you would improve accounting processes?

This reveals the candidate's analytical and solution-oriented thinking. This also reveals previous experience in improving efficiency.

2. How do you monitor different accounting functions?

This illustrates the candidate's aptitude for a supervisory role.

3. If you suspect that one of your employees is taking short cuts and compromising financial accuracy, how would you approach the issue?

This demonstrates the candidate's management and interpersonal skills.

4. What accounting software programs are you familiar with?

This reveals the candidate's experience and knowledge of relevant software applications.

5. What experience do you have in establishing internal controls?

This reveals the candidate's work experience.