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Audit Manager Interview Questions

Top 5 audit manager interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates.

An audit manager oversees internal auditing activities within an organization. Audit managers plan and lead financial audits, assess and report on risks, and manage junior auditors.

When interviewing an audit manager, the ideal candidate should have strong analytical skills, strong knowledge of auditing principles, and excellent communication skills. Be wary of candidates with poor leadership skills, a weak background in auditing techniques, and poor writing skills.

Interview Questions for Audit Managers:

1. How do you handle a situation where you have to audit a department where the employees are unhelpful and deadlines are delayed?

Demonstrates communication and problem-solving skills.

2. How have you worked with co-workers at a lower and higher level than you?

Demonstrates the ability to maintain a good relationship with co-workers at lower and higher levels.

3. How would you deal with an investigation of a fellow accountant or auditing co-worker?

Demonstrates the ability to be impartial and confidential.

4. Which online tools and accounting software are you familiar with?

Demonstrates knowledge of accounting tools.

5. Can you tell us about an inefficiency you have encountered during an audit?

Reveals experience, analytical, and problem-solving skills.