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Billing Specialist Interview Questions

Top 5 billing specialist interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates.

Billing specialists manage invoices for the company by preparing and issuing them to clients. The billing specialist is also responsible for informing clients of their debt and keeping a note of any payment made towards this debt.

When interviewing billing specialists the ideal candidate should be highly organized and detail-oriented. Be wary of candidates who have poor communication skills.

Interview Questions for Billing Specialists:

1. Describe a time when you resolved a discrepancy. How did you discover the problem? How did you resolve it?

Tests research skills.

2. How have you used software in accounting? Which applications have you worked with?

Demonstrates computer skills.

3. You discover that the company has a delinquent account. How do you fix it?

Tests problem-solving skills.

4. What is more important in this position, accuracy, or efficiency? Why? How do you balance the two?

Demonstrates how the candidate approaches the job.

5. What documents do you expect to work within this role? How have you worked with them in the past?

Tests job knowledge.