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Full Charge Bookkeeper Interview Questions

Top 5 Full charge bookkeeper interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates.

Full charge bookkeepers are advanced-level bookkeepers that handle all the accounting needs of a company. They are usually employed by small to medium-sized businesses and handle everything from account processing to general ledgers and the preparation of financial statements.

When interviewing full charge bookkeepers, suitable candidates will have in-depth knowledge of accounting software, good organizational skills, and the ability to work to a deadline. Be wary of candidates with poor communication skills and those who do not work well under pressure.

Interview Questions for Full Charge Bookkeepers:

1. What skills do you think full charge bookkeepers need to be successful?

Reveals an understanding of the bookkeeper position and highlights the candidate’s skill set.

2. How do you manage your workload to ensure accounts are prepared on time?

Demonstrates the candidate’s organizational skills.

3. What do you think is the most difficult part of being a full charge bookkeeper?

Highlights areas of expertise and reveals gaps in knowledge.

4. Have you ever encountered a problem balancing companies' books?

Reveals honesty and highlights the candidate’s problem-solving skills.

5. Can you tell me more about your previous experience working as a full charge bookkeeper?

Highlights the skills and work experience of the candidate.