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Chief Human Resources Officer Interview Questions

Top 5 chief human resources officer interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates.

Sometimes called chief people officers (CPOs), chief human resources officers (CHRO) take charge of an organization’s HR department. They review and revamp existing policies and strategies, and ensure all staff and employees enjoy a workplace where growth and development are possible.

When interviewing chief human resources officers, look for candidates who are leaders in their field, demonstrate a growth mindset, and are comfortable with change. Avoid candidates who lack innovation, drive, and interpersonal skills.

Interview Questions for Chief Human Resources Officers:

1. How would you prevent an ATS from rejecting great job applicants?

Tests problem-solving skills and knowledge of applicant tracking systems.

2. What are the three top qualities a chief human resources officer should have?

Reveals understanding of the role and may test overall preparedness for the position.

3. A senior staff member publicly disagrees with your new policy. What do you do?

Assesses the ability to receive negative feedback and to respond appropriately in public settings.

4. How would you go about implementing an equal opportunity policy in the office?

Examines knowledge of labor laws and the ability to implement relevant policies.

5. What types of HR management software do you use regularly?

Reveals working knowledge of software used in the HR sector.