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NICU Nurse Interview Questions

Top 5 NICU nurse interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates.

A neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurse offers round-the-clock treatment and care for newborn infants that are premature or are suffering from illnesses such as congenital defects and respiratory problems. Also known as a neonatal nurse, a NICU nurse works with a team to provide treatment to these infants.

When interviewing NICU nurses, look for candidates who are good team players and demonstrate a working knowledge of the latest neonatal medical practices. Be wary of candidates who demonstrate poor interpersonal skills and a disregard for authority.

Interview Questions for Neonatal Nurses

1. Can you recommend a treatment for newborns suffering from respiratory distress?

Look for candidates who demonstrate an up-to-date working knowledge of the latest medical techniques and procedures.

2. How would you deal with a difficult mother causing a commotion in the hospital?

Demonstrates the candidates' interpersonal skills. Look out for candidates who show a lack of empathy.

3. If a particular treatment is not working, what would you do?

Keeping in mind that NICU nurses must work with a team of professionals, look for candidates who demonstrate teamwork as well as excellent communication skills. Be wary of candidates who neglect to offer knowledge of correct procedures.

4. What would you do to de-stress from a particularly difficult day?

Look for candidates who demonstrate an ability to handle difficult situations. Be wary of candidates who show little ability to compartmentalize and would let difficult days influence their future work.

5. What equipment would you use in the care of a premature infant?

Demonstrates the candidates' knowledge of NICU equipment and its use.