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Python Developer Interview Questions

Top 5 Python developer interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates.

Python developers are coding specialists who develop back-end components for advanced web applications. They write server-side logic and integrate front-end technologies using the Python application.

When interviewing Python developer, look for candidates with practical experience with front-end development and in-depth knowledge of application integration. Avoid candidates who are not able to collaborate on projects and those with limited knowledge of script debugging.

Interview Questions for Python Developers:

1. What sets Python apart from other high-level scripting languages?

Assess the candidate's knowledge of Python versus other high-level languages.

2. What other frameworks are useful for back-end development?

Reveals the candidate's experience with back-end technologies.

3. A client wants to introduce additional features after beta testing. How do you proceed?

Highlights the candidate's communication and problem-solving abilities.

4. What was the most difficult project you have worked on and why?

Reveals previous work experience and highlights the extent of the candidate's coding abilities.

5. What is the first step when testing an application?

Reveals knowledge of industry-standard procedures.