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Telesales Representative Interview Questions

Top 5 telesales representative interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates.

Telesales representatives contact businesses and private individuals to solicit sales or donations over the telephone. Telesales representatives are also known as telemarketers, call center representatives, or telephone sales representatives.

When interviewing potential telesales representatives, look for candidates with excellent communications skills as well as sales ability. Be wary of candidates who attempt to push sales without engaging the potential customer.

Interview Questions for Telesales Representatives

1. How would you engage a customer's immediate attention on the phone?

Look for candidates who demonstrate creative thinking and communication skills.

2. How would you respond to a difficult potential customer?

Demonstrates candidates' ability to handle rejection as well as problem-solving skills that may lead to potentially winning the customer over.

3. Can you describe how you would sell our product?

Look for candidates who demonstrate knowledge of the product as well as sales ability. Take note of candidates who attempt to push the product without asking questions to ascertain the customer's needs or wants.

4. If a customer interrupts your script, how would you proceed?

Demonstrates candidates' flexibility and creative thinking skills, as well as communication and interpersonal skills.

5. What information should you gather from a customer who is willing to make a purchase?

Look for candidates who demonstrate knowledge of the sales process and how to close a sale.