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IT stands for information technology. This category of jobs includes designing, supporting and maintaining our computer hardware and software. Information technology is one of the best and most rapidly growing sectors of career in our current time with a good work environment and salary which start from minimum 3 LPA up to 50 LPA. It is mentionable that these records may differ from place to place and different levels of candidates’ experiences.

Information technology is one of the most popular and favorable fields of jobs in India IT jobs in India or in general information technology sectors’ had a huge growth in India and by passing every day the demand for it jobs in India becomes more and more because of every day’s new innovation and enthusiastic of young generation for this field.

For those of you who want to choose IT jobs in India in information technology industry as your career, Maybe you are thinking that what will you do in this field and you will be in touch with which kinds of work, we should state for you that as an IT officer in the field of information technology your task will differ from field to field and generally you will be responsible of repairing, installing and maintaining of hardware or software in an office within an organization.

In India the information technology industry is divided into four majors of IT services, BPM, software engineering service and hardware. The most famous IT and software jobs in India are web development, computer networking, Cyber security and many more. Top companies that offer IT jobs in india are included national and international companies that are activating inside India which are TCS tata consultancy company, Wipro technology, Yahoo, Google, Tech Mahindra, HP, I Gate patni, Accenture, Mphasis, Genpact, HCL technology and Godrej infotech apart from private companies in india there are several governmental and state companies that usually similar to private companies offer IT jobs in india and employees can advantage from this opportunity for getting a better career in their practical life these governmental organizations are CDAC, National Informatics Centre (NIC), ERNET India, for acquiring these governmental IT jobs in Indian organization you have to be B.E. / B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering or Information Technology or M.C.A. / B.C.A.

It is also mentionable that working in different opportunity of IT jobs in India for information technology employees can work from home or even working as self employment for those who don’t work under any organization regulation.

For becoming an IT professionalist in India you have to first graduate from school after completing your school you can join in one of university that provide information technology fields for students and during this time as a student of IT you will studied different subject to prepare students for IT or software development jobs in Indian and international market such as Computer Architecture and Organization, Database Systems, Electronics, Operating Systems, Electronics, Foundations of Computer Systems, Computer Networks, Multimedia Applications which are primary and basic subjects for IT students in every college and university.

Industry of information technology, moreover of all the above advantages that has in creating IT jobs in India, this industry is one of the biggest industries of India that contains IT services consulting and outsourcing. To understand the importance of this industry we just need to know that this forms more than 8 percent of India’s GDP which generates revenue of nearly 200 billion dollars every year. Only the revenue which will be generated inside the country is more than 40 billion dollars. Total employees that are employed in  IT jobs in India are more than 4 million people and made a record for this industry in case of most employees attrition rate. This industry every year has a higher rate of improvement with this amount of attractiveness that has between Indian employees. And put India as the largest exporter specialist in this sector in the whole world. From all these records we can take this conclusion that India has one of the largest market for IT jobs and employees for sure will have a bright and secure career in their life with their IT skills all over India especially in Big Indian IT companies like TATA consultancy, Infosys, Wipro, Mahindra and many more other small and medium companies.